AFCON Groups for 2024 | Which Group is Tanzania in for AFCON 2024?

Are you ready to root for the Tanzanian national team in the upcoming 2024 AFCON tournament? This AFCON groups guide shares an interesting overview of the entire AFCON fixtures to make the most of the available AFCON betting opportunities.

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AFCON Groups Overview

The AFCON qualifiers saw 24 African teams proceed to the Africa Cup of Nations final tournament. These 24 teams are categorised into six total groups, with each group comprising four (4) teams, for the start of the tournament.

AFCON Groups

⚽ Group A

Group A comprises Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Guinea Bissau. AFCON favourites for this group are Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau are the underdogs of the group.

However, based on recent games, and rankings, Equatorial Guinea has been improving and can possibly advance to the knockout stage. The team possesses the potential to proceed to the knockout stage, too.

⚽ Group B

Group B features Egypt, Ghana, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. Egypt and Ghana are possible winners for this group while the other two are underdogs. While Cape Verde has struggled to qualify for AFCON in the past, its recent rankings suggest potential for advancing to the knockout stage.

⚽ Group C

Group C has a strong team lineup of Senegal, Cameroon, and Guinea. However, Senegal and Cameroon are stronger contenders than Guinea based on current rankings. However, Gambia has also shown potential to proceed to the knockout stage based on current rankings. Gambia is the underdog in group C.

⚽ Group D

Group D is formed by Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Angola. Algeria and Burkina Faso are very strong teams in this group while Mauritania has an advancing potential. Angola is the underdog in this group with struggling rankings.

⚽ Group E

Group E comprises Tunisia and Mali as the stronger teams while South Africa has a possible potential to advance to the knockout stage. Namibia is the underdog in this group with much lower rankings.

⚽ Group F

Group F consists of Morocco, DR Congo, Zambia, and Tanzania. Morocco is the strongest team in this group although DR Congo and Zambia’s recent performances and rankings are also promising. Recent stats and rankings are not favourable for Tanzania, making it the underdog in this group.


The group stage of AFCON features matches where teams in a particular group play against each other. Each team will play against the other 3 teams in the group. So, each group has a total of 8 games in the group stage.

The group stage rankings are determined using each team’s points within the group. The more points a team has, the higher they rank. The top 2 teams with the highest points also advance to the knockout stage.

The top 2 winners in the AFCON qualifiers advance to the AFCON 2023 finals while the bottom 2 don’t meet the qualification and are eliminated.

If teams are tied on points in the group stage, the winner can be determined based on the one-group game results. The team that won ranks higher. Alternatively, they can be ranked based on the goal differences and goals scored.

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