AFCON Favourites for 2024

Tanzanian punters who want to place bets on the 2024 AFCON tournament should check our AFCON betting guide. Here, you can discover some AFCON favourites to win the tournament as well as see the forms of the players.

List of AFCON 2024 Favourites

The Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled to be hosted by Ivory Coast in 2024, promises to be an exciting tournament with several strong teams vying for the title. While there are no specific favourites mentioned in the provided search results, we can gather some insights into potential contenders based on recent performances, rankings and AFCON odds.


The Algerian team is heading into the main phase of the tournament unbeaten in qualifiers. After playing 5 matches, they collected astonishing 15 points, winning all of their fixtures.

Furthermore, during this time, they only conceded 2 goals while scoring 9. Nevertheless, they are set to take on more formidable opponents in the latter stages of the competition.


After losing the final in the last AFCON, Egypt and Mo Salah have already secured their spot in the main stages of the 2024 AFCON. Though ended up in a relatively tough group, the Egyptian national team finished first in Group D, with 12 points earned so far.

So, a lot is expected from them in future matches, regardless if they are playing as the home or away team.


As the defending champions, Senegal will undoubtedly be among the AFCON favourites to lift the trophy once again. Although Senegal is a strong contender based on current rankings and performances, it will face fierce competition from other African national sides.

AFCON 2023/2024 Group Favourites

With the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) set to take place in 2024, football fans are eagerly awaiting the clash of African powerhouses. Senegal, the reigning champions, will be looking to defend their title against tough competition from teams like Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco.

The tournament will feature 24 teams, and the qualifying AFCON groups have already started to take shape.

Group A

In Group A, Nigeria and Guinea-Bissau are the favourites to qualify for AFCON.

Nigeria, with its rich footballing history and talented squad, has already made it through to the main tournament. Guinea-Bissau, on the other hand, has caused an upset and secured their spot in AFCON.

Group B

Group B sees Burkina Faso and Cape Verde as the qualifiers. Burkina Faso boasts a strong team and has been a consistent performer in recent years.

Cape Verde, although considered an underdog, has shown great potential and surprised everyone with their performance.

Group C

In Group C, Namibia and Cameroon are expected to advance. Cameroon is a traditional football powerhouse in Africa and has a strong record in international tournaments.

Namibia, while not as renowned, has been steadily improving and could pose a challenge to the other teams in the group.

Group D

Group D sees Egypt and Guinea as the AFCON favourites to qualify. Egypt is one of the most successful teams in AFCON history and will be looking to add another title to its collection.

And considering that their play is top-notch both at home and away, they have rightfully deserved their status of favourites. Guinea, on the other hand, has a talented squad and will be aiming to make a mark in the tournament.

Group E

In Group E, Ghana is in a good position despite missing some key players. Angola is the second likely candidate alongside Ghana, although the Central African Republic still has a solid chance to qualify.

Group F

Group F is dominated by Algeria, who has won all their matches so far. With a perfect record, they are undoubtedly the team to beat in this group. Tanzania is far behind them in second place, with 7 points.

Group G

Moving on to Group G, Mali and Gambia are in control. Both teams have been impressive in their performances and have a good chance of securing their spot in the final tournament. 

Group H

Group H sees Zambia facing tough competition from the host nation, Ivory Coast. These two teams will face each other for the top spot in the group. 

Group I

In Group I, DR Congo and Gabon are joint-first placed with 7 points each. Nevertheless, Sudan and Mauritania can still make it as they have a match less than the first two teams and have 6 and 5 points, respectively.

Group J

Group J features Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia as AFCON prediction favourites. The Guinean side has 12 points already, while Tunisia has 10, meaning they have already qualified.

Nevertheless, there is still one match left, which will decide their final positions.

Group K

Group K is led by South Africa, which has been impressive so far. The World Cup dark horse, Morocco, is just one point behind. 

Group L

Lastly, Group L is dominated by Senegal, who have garnered 13 points over the 5 matches they’ve played. Though the second qualifying spot is still open for grabs, Mozambique has presented themselves as favourites, with a 2-point lead over third-placed Benin.

For those wanting to bet on any of the matches, the best betting sites will be offering odds for the matches.

AFCON 2024 Top Scorers Favourites

Victor Osimhen

The upcoming AFCON 2024 tournament is already generating a lot of excitement among football fans around the world. While it’s impossible to predict with certainty who will come out on top, there are certainly a few AFCON favourites who are expected to make a big impact.

Victor Osimhen, the talented forward for Napoli and the Nigerian national team, is a strong contender to be among the AFCON top scorers in the upcoming tournament. His impressive goal-scoring record has made him a key player to watch out for in the competition. 

Sadio Mane

Mane’s recent form and success at both club and international levels make him one of AFCON’s favourites for the top scorer title. While competition will undoubtedly be fierce, Mane’s hunger for success and his determination to contribute to his team’s triumph makes him an exciting player to watch in AFCON 2024. 

Patson Daka

This Zambian striker has already showcased his goal-scoring prowess during the qualifiers for the tournament, where he emerged as one of the top goalscorers. Daka netted an impressive four goals in the qualifiers, including 2 goals that helped Zambia secure a 2-0 victory against Lesotho.

AFCON 2024 Favourites FAQs

If you have more questions about the AFCON favourites for 2023/2024, check the FAQ section.

Has any team been dominant in recent AFCON tournaments?

Currently, the most dominant side is the Senegal national team. After securing their title in the 2021 AFCON, they have already qualified for the main stage of the 2024 edition.

Can an underdog team win the AFCON?

Yes, underdogs can win the AFCON, as it has happened before. Zambia 2012 came into the tournament ranked 71st in the world and managed to ultimately win the title, defeating Ivory Coast in the final.

Is there a clear favourite for the upcoming AFCON?

Though many sides have been impressive during the AFCON qualifiers, no side has stepped up as a clear favourite. Some of the stronger nations include Egypt, Senegal, and Nigeria.

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