Sports betting fans in Tanzania have plenty of options when it comes to online wagering. What is more, betting enthusiasts can use their sports knowledge and make predictions on various sporting events throughout the year.

In this review, you can learn more about the popular sports that Tanzanian bettors opt for. Also, you can see what are the most reliable betting sites where you can register and place an online bet.

For over two decades, sports betting has been legal on Tanzanian soil. What is more, in 2003, the government in this country established the Gaming Board of Tanzania, which oversees all betting activities within the country. Therefore, this gaming authority ensures safe and transparent betting sites that enable players to bet on secure platforms.

Today, anyone 18 years or older can participate. Moreover, sports bettors can deposit and place bets on various sporting events, such as football, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, and more.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting in Tanzania

Online operators in Tanzania offer local players a chance to bet on numerous sports. However, the greatest number of bettors in this country often pick football events for their betting slips. Take a further look at the most popular sports for online betting in Tanzania.

⚽ Bet on Football in Tanzania

Football is one of the top choices for sports betting in Tanzania. In addition to the local games, Tanzanian bettors enjoy following football matches from all around the world. These include the events such as Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and the World Cup.

Since the interest in football is great, it is not strange that bookmakers provide various betting markets for this sport. Moreover, sports betting enthusiasts can place bets such as match winner, over and under, correct results, first to score, and plenty more.

🎾 Bet on Tennis in Tanzania

Another popular sport that Tanzanian punters like to wager on is tennis. There are plenty of ITF and WTA sporting events all over the year. The most favoured ones for online sports betting are Wimbledon, the US, and Australian Open, as well as Roland Garros.

Furthermore, there are plenty of available varieties of tennis betting markets. The ones that most bettors in this country opt for include the match winner, over and under points, handicap, and set points.

πŸ€ Bet on Basketball in Tanzania

Online sports betting on basketball is gaining more popularity in Tanzania lately. Bettors prefer to wager on NBA as the most popular basketball competition. However, there are those who will also pick EuroLeague or FIBA.

Additionally, the available betting markets for basketball at Tanzanian bookmakers are plenty. Some of the most popular are money lines, handicaps, or totals.

πŸ₯Š Bet on Boxing in Tanzania

Boxing may not be a favourite sport for online betting in Tanzania, but many bookmakers feature it on their sites. Moreover, sports betting enthusiasts have the chance to wager on different betting markets. These include money line, over and under, and knockout or stoppage.

🏏 Bet on Cricket in Tanzania

Cricket is a very sought-after sport worldwide, including in Tanzania. That explains why many bookmakers offer sports betting on cricket and feature various betting markets.

In addition, some bettors in this country find live betting on cricket even better than pre-match wagering. Some of the markets that you can explore if you choose to bet on cricket include match betting, completed matches, tied matches, innings runs, and top bowler.

List of Betting Sites in Tanzania

More and more bookmakers are being approved for the Tanzanian license and becoming available to local punters. There is a wide selection of legalised sports betting platforms wagerers can choose to bet on different sporting events. What is more, next to a selection of different sports and betting markets, most of these sites also feature a welcome bonus offer for their new members.

Welcome Bonuses on Betting Sites

In this table, you can find some of the welcome bonuses that you can claim with different online operators in Tanzania.

Best Betting SitesWelcome BonusClaim Bonus
Gal Sport Betting
gal sport betting logo
betway TZ logo
100% up to TSH 100,000
Check operator site
Premier Bet
premier bet logo
100% matched Sports Bonus up to 1,165,000 TSH OR 100% matched Slots Bonus up to 2,330,000 TSH
parimatch logo
100% bonus of up to TZS 1.000.000

Live Betting in Tanzania

Not so long ago, the only possibility of wagering online included pre-game bets. After the introduction of live betting to bookmakers in 2002, players were able to bet on games while they were taking place.

Live betting in Tanzania is available for many popular sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, and plenty more. Moreover, there are various online betting markets across different sports.

Nowadays, most sportsbooks provide the live betting section, or in other words, in-play betting. Punters can bet on ongoing sporting events with the changing odds depending on the game outcome.

Live betting provides the option to see how the game evolves and allows punters to make new predictions. Even if the game is not going in their favour, they can still make new bets.

For example, a punter wagers the football match for the home team to score the first goal, but the away team manages to do so. But, if a home team has better statistics in-game, they may score the second and third goals. Therefore, if punters wager on the home team to score those goals, and they manage to do so, they could end up having a winning betting slip.

New Betting Sites in Tanzania

Even though there are betting sites in Tanzania that are considered trustworthy and reliable, there are also new sportsbooks that are joining this market. Below you can find some of the latest betting sites that are now legal in Tanzania.

22bet logo


As a relatively new sports betting site, 22bet has found its place in the Tanzanian online market. It provides a decent welcome bonus for new users, but there are also other promotions that can be used by existing players. Along with that, 22bet odds are among the most competitive on the market.

premier bet logo

Premier Bet

Premier Bet works across a couple of countries on African soil and is a popular bookmaker. It is among the favourite for African punters, as it provides competitive odds, a great welcome bonus, and an intuitive user interface.

betway TZ logo


Another new sports betting site in Tanzania is Betway. It provides a great selection of sports to bet on, with many betting markets available. Even though it doesn’t offer live streaming, Betway provides live betting and cash-out option.

parimatch logo


Parimatch sportsbook offers many sporting events that Tanzanian punters can bet on. Moreover, it has competitive odds along with live betting available. It may lack payment methods, but it has an excellent mobile app.

gal sport betting logo

Gal Sport Betting

Gal Sport Betting is one of the latest wagering sites in Tanzania. In addition, it offers many sports for wagering. Also, this bookmaker provides virtual sports betting. Moreover, Gal Sports offers competitive odds and an excellent welcome bonus.

Some sports are more popular among Tanzanian bettors than others. What is more, local punters can use their sports knowledge and wager on plenty of events worldwide. Therefore, bookmakers in this country include most of these events, and you can see some of them below.


AFCON is a football tournament that is held every two years in Africa. Moreover, the best nations compete for the title in the group stage, then go to knockout rounds up to the finals. The winner decides the champion nation of Africa.

World Cup

One of the biggest football competitions is the World Cup, which is held every four years. After the group round, the international teams fight on the way to the final. The winner decides the champion of the world.

Premier League

The Premier League is the most renowned competition in the world of football. What is more, this is the highest league in the English football system. Tanzanian punters can enjoy wagering on the best 20 English teams while the season lasts.

England Championship

This league may not be as famous as the Premier League, but it still offers excellent football gameplay. Online sports betting enthusiasts in Tanzania can wager on the English second-league best 20 teams across different markets.

La Liga

Another top competitive league in Europe is Spanish La Liga, and its level is compared to the Premier League. Tanzanian bookmakers provide the option to bet on La Liga seasonal matches with the most competitive odds.

Our Betting Guides

There are many guides that include sports knowledge of betting experts that can help punters with their decisions when wagering. For example, the most popular betting guides can help sports enthusiasts predict the match winner.

Of course, players should know that all betting guides are based on experts’ opinions and that no one can guarantee any potential outcome.

Moreover, the betting guides include details on statistics of the potential matches to bet on, players and team forms, and more.

Betting Predictions in Tanzania

Making betting predictions is based on the sports knowledge that punters have. Whether it be a single bet on the match winner or multiple bets, punters should make their predictions according to different factors. Of course, you should always stick to making predictions about the sport that you know most about.

⚽ Football

When making a football prediction, it is always best to know the standings of the teams that are playing against each other. Also, it should be good to know which players will be on the field and who is the home team.

🏏 Cricket

Your cricket predictions should depend on the current success rate of the team that you want to bet on. Moreover, you should also take into consideration if any of the best players are injured or otherwise prevented from playing.

🎾 Tennis

One of the most popular individual sports is tennis. What is more, when making tennis predictions, bettors should keep in mind the standings of individual players on the ATP list. Also, another important factor is the surface they are playing on since not all players perform the same on every court.

πŸ€ Basketball

Basketball predictions are among the hardest ones to make. However, there are betting experts who know what are the most important factors that they need to take into consideration when making these predictions. For example, some of them include the starting five, the home team, and how well they performed during the latest game with their opponent.

πŸ₯Š Boxing

Even though there can be a lot of twists and turns during a boxing match, there is always a favorite when making a prediction. But, most betting experts know that before making a boxing prediction, they should always pay attention to the latest sports news and the form that the boxers are in.

Responsible Gambling for Sports Betting

Punters should remember that sports betting requires responsibility on a bettor’s side. Rules of Responsible Gambling are crucial, as punters need to be entertained while wagering and only bet for fun and not in order to make a profit. Betting enthusiasts should always make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions when signing up at any bookmaker. That information is there to inform users of the responsibility once they register for an account.