Meet the team at and read about their many skills and experiences within the sports betting area.

Alex Waite

Alex is a sports writer based in London who specialises in football, cricket and sports betting. When he is not writing about football, he can either be found supporting his favourite team, Crystal Palace, or playing football on a local pitch. 

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Andjelija Blagojevi

Andjelija Blagojevic is a content writer and editor with over 6 years of experience in the iGaming industry. Other than writing informative sportsbooks reviews, Andjelija also covers a wide range of trending topics from the world of online sports betting. She is also a great fan of basketball and the NBA league, and her favourite team is LA Lakers. In her free time, Andjelija likes to read comics and fantasy books and spend time with her friends and family.

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Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts lives in Brighton in the UK and is a writer specialising in football, cricket and sports betting. His favourite team is Nottingham Forest. 

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Betty Cherotich

Betty Cherotich is a content writer, creator, and betting expert with more than 3 years of researching and writing in the gambling space. Betty believes that time is the one thing we can’t stop spending.

She will consider her day ideal if most of her day’s work is geared at enabling gamers to make the most of their time, whether they are enjoying sports or casino games. Her favourite team is Manchester United.

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Kenneth Ali

Kenneth is a writer based in Lagos. He writes on sports betting, sporting events and sports players. He also writes on other topics when the need arises. When he is not writing he is either playing football or playing the Fantasy Premier League. He is a Liverpool Fan.

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Jarin Ahmed

Growing up, I never thought much about my career. I started off in business school but soon developed a passion for literature somewhere along the way. Merging the contrastive fields, I’ve found my calling in professional content and copywriting.

– Favourite sports: Football, (Not the American One)

– Favourite Club: Manchester United

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Olufifun Adeleke

Olufifun is a creative casino and sports betting content writer with over 5 years of content writing experience. He’s also written content in other fields, including travel, technology, cryptocurrency, business, and finance.

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Leon Travers

Leon Travers has been creating content related to all aspects of the gambling industry for more than five years. When not at his computer, he enjoys watching football, in particular his favourite team Tottenham Hotspur. Leon also has a keen interest in volcanoes and other elements of the natural world.

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Peris Wambu

Hey there, my name is Peris Wambu, an enthusiastic content creator in the gambling and betting niche. I am a FIFA guru if I could say so myself, and a Liverpool die-hard!

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Peter Pele

My name is Peter, and I have been writing sports and betting content since 2015. I am a diehard Arsenal fan based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Writing sports content has been my hobby growing up, and whenever I am not watching football, I would be reading sports content or designing WordPress websites.

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