System Bet Calculator | Calculate your System Bets in 2024!

Did you know you can use a system bet calculator to determine your potential winnings? Here’s a complete guide on how the calculator works.

System Bet Calculator

System Bets Calculator

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What Is the System Bet Calculator?

A system bet calculator is a tool designed to help you calculate expected wins from system bets. Using this tool, you can also strategize and plan for your systems bets more efficiently. Typically, a bet calculator combs through bet selections and filters out selections where all picks don’t have to be successful to warrant a win.

Compared to a manual calculation, using this calculator allows for faster and more accurate forecasting. Moreover, a calculator reduces calculation errors while making it easier for punters to experiment with different betting scenarios before placing wagers. 

Ultimately, using a system bet calculator allows you to make more informed betting decisions. You must remember that while a bet calculator does the maths for you, the results you get are potential winnings. The calculator doesn’t give the actual outcome of the bet. This is determined by the actual sporting events you wager on.

System Bet Calculator

What Are the System Bets?

System bets refer to a type of bet or strategy where punters can choose accumulator bets and place them all at once. This betting type combines more than one sporting event selection into a single bet. 

The system betting strategy is a favorite among punters as it increases your winning chances. This is because you can still win part of the bet, even if you lose one or more event selections. Ultimately, your bet selections and number of selections determine the probable magnitude of your winnings. 

How to Calculate System Bets?

A system bet usually combines 3 selections, events, or accumulator bets (although you can find more combinations). Each event is paired with the other in pairs to create the three picks or winning possibilities. A successful system bet will have at least one or more picks winning. 

A system bet calculator works by calculating for you the expected winnings from the system bet. Since everything is automated using a system calculator, you simply need to plug in the relevant information to the calculator and let it do the rest.

For each calculator, you need to share:

  • Type of system bet, e.g. 2/4, 2/3, 3/4, etc.
  • The number of event selections
  • Betting odds for each event
  • Your system bet wager

*Type of system bet refers to the type of system bet you wish to wager on. For example, a 2/4 system bet refers to six bets on four selections while a β…” bet refers to three bets on three selections.

In theory, let’s take a look at an example of how the bet calculator works on a 2/3 system bet with 3 event selections.

Here’s a sample bookmaker betting tips on three sporting events.

  • Tip 1: Yanga FC vs Simba FC with a 1.50 odd win for Yanga FC
  • Tip 2: Azam FC vs Singida Big Stars with 1.20 odd win for Azam FC
  • Tip 3: Kagera Sugar FC vs Mtibwa Sugar FC with a 1.80 odd win for Kagera Sugar FC

Since you choose a 2/3 system bet type, your betting ticket will have these three 2-combined bet tips.

  • Combination 1: Tip1&2 – Yanga FC * Azam FC
  • Combination 2: Tip 2&3 – Azam FC * Kagera Sugar FC
  • Combination 3: Tip1&3 – Yanga FC * Kagera Sugar FC

Actual Bet Calculations

For your system bet wager to be successful, one or more of the above combinations must win. For instance, if you want to place a wager for Tsh.10,000 on each event (a total of a Tsh.30,000 wager), here is how the calculations work.

  • Combination 1: Tip1&2 – Yanga FC * Azam FC (Tsh.10,000 x 1.50 x 1.20= 18,000)
  • Combination 2: Tip 2&3 – Azam FC * Kagera Sugar FC (Tsh.10,000 x 1.20 x 1.80=21,600)
  • Combination 3: Tip1&3 – Yanga FC * Kagera Sugar FC (Tsh.10,000 x 1.50 x 1.80= 27,000)

So, if you placed a Tsh.30,000 wager. Your net profit will be the total winnings – your wager, e.g. Tsh.66,600 – Tsh.30,000 =36,600, in this case, all the sporting events would’ve won. Now, to avoid these complex series of calculations, a system bet calculator lets you plug in the numbers while it takes care of the tedious work.

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