Bet Calculator

A bet calculator is a tool that helps players work out their potential returns based on their odds and stake.

How Does a Bet Calculator Work?

Currently, bettors can input their desired stake and betting odds in a bet calculator and it will show your potential returns. 

First, you type in your odds. Generally, most modern calculators will show returns for fractional, decimal and American odds via an odds converter. Then, you type in your preferred stake, sometimes called units. Press the calculate button and your potential payout will show.

Moreover, some bet converter options allow you to shift between different markets. Some calculators will show returns for parlay bets, match winners, handicaps and more.

Bet Calculator

Types of Bet Calculator

Today, bettors have several betting calculator odds to choose from. Learn more about each calculator in the sections below. 

Arbitrage Calculator

Firstly, bettors can use an arbitrage calculator to find value in a particular betting market. Usually, arbitrage betting works when there are large differences between bookmaker odds and a punter can gain value as a result. With an arbitrage calculator, bettors can work out how much they would need to stake on such a market to win. 

Freeplay Value

Secondly, players can use a free play value calculator to find potential winnings from bet credits and free bets. Usually, bookmakers credit promotional offers to your account and these are non-refundable. Therefore, your bet credit stake is not included in any potential winnings. But a free play calculator will show the amount you can get from a credited wager.

Half Point

Lastly, the half point calculator is generally used for points betting and totals in US sports. This calculator shows players how to buy and sell half points effectively to find value in NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB betting markets. Players can input the money lines into a calculator and learn their returns from a particular stake. 

What Is a Lucky 15 Bet?

Lucky 15 is when punters make 15 individual bets, which are made up of four selections. These consist of four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator bet.

In addition, players can find Lucky 15 bet calculators which show the overall value of your bet and the breakdown of each selection.

What Is a Double Bet?

Currently, bettors can place a double bet, which is two individual selections under one overall stake. Moreover, players can find plenty of double bet calculator options, which show your overall returns from a double bet. Also, some calculators will go in-depth and show outcomes for dead heat races and further value for accumulator bonuses.

What Is a Treble Bet?

In a treble bet, players select three individual bets and place one stake to cover the odds. Such bets are common in sports like football and horse racing. Often, bet calculators for this selection are called trixie bet calculators. This tool shows players the potential returns from a treble bet. 

Where to Place a Bet Online in Nigeria?

Overall, bettors have several bookmakers to choose from when wagering online. Check out the table below for more online betting site details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bet Calculator

To conclude this bet calculator review, you can find answers to bettors’ most common questions.

Calculators use an algorithm based on your stake and odds to show potential value from a bet. 

A double bet is when a punter places a sports wager with two outcomes under one stake. Presently, players can use double bet calculators to work out the payout of a double bet.

Players use a trixie bet calculator to determine the potential returns from a bet with three selections with one overall stake.

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