F1 Betting Guide for 2023

The 2023 Formula 1 season is a global spectacle of speed and strategy. This edition began on March 5th in Sakhir, Bahrain.

The F1 championship will take place across many countries. This lineup includes the United States, Australia, Monaco, Japan, and Brazil. Spectators will see constant competitors like McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and others in this edition. All roads will lead to the United Arab Emirates where the F1 season will come to a grand close on November 26th.

Our F1 guide will serve as your F1 betting compass. It will provide valuable insights to inform your decisions as well as your choice of the best betting sites to use.

Top Tips for Successful F1 Betting

Knowledge is power; this is true of F1 betting. This section of our online sports betting review provides you with tips to help you make informed betting decisions.

Understanding previous years’ trends can be a valuable tool in F1 betting. This includes looking at which teams and drivers have performed well at specific tracks or in certain weather conditions. It’s also worth noting any patterns in race strategies and how they’ve impacted the results.

⭐ Team Lineups

This is another critical factor that can affect or influence performance. Teams consist of drivers, engineers, strategists and more. This means no man is an island and victories ultimately rise and fall on team cohesion, chemistry and getting things right.

⭐ Form of Individual Players & Teams

The current form of the drivers and teams is another crucial factor to consider. This includes looking at their recent performances and any injuries or issues they may be dealing with.

⭐ Home Advantage

While home advantage might not seem as relevant in F1 as in other sports, it can still play a role. Drivers may perform better at tracks they’re familiar with or in their home country. It’s worth considering this when placing your bets.

⭐ Use Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

Many online betting sites offer betting bonuses to attract new customers. You can find some of them in this review.

Top Tips for F1 Betting

Top Bookmakers for Betting on F1

Choosing the right bookmaker can significantly impact your F1 betting experience. We’ve reviewed some of the top F1 betting sites. We considered factors like betting odds, live streaming, and more.

betway tz logo


Online sports betting is a popular choice among F1 betting fans. They offer competitive betting odds and have a robust live betting feature. Betway also offers a 50% first deposit offer up to TSH 10,000 in free bets.

22bet tz


This is one of the best betting sites and it stands out with its comprehensive coverage of Formula 1 events. 888bet‘s platform provides detailed statistics and bettors can place their bets in a simple manner.

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Premier Bet

The online sports betting franchise offers many betting options for Formula 1. They provide detailed race previews, and offer fair betting odds and a diverse sports betting market. Premier Bet also offers up to 750% win bonus extra cash.

Types of Bet

Understanding the different types of bets available is crucial to successful F1 betting. Here, we guide you through the popular betting markets in F1.

🏆 Race Winner

This is the most straightforward bet in F1. You simply bet on which driver you think will win the race. It’s a popular choice for bettors.

🏆 Podium Finish

This bet involves predicting whether a driver will finish in the top three. It’s a safer bet than predicting the outright winner, as it gives you a little more leeway.

🏆 Fastest Lap

This bet involves predicting which driver will achieve the fastest lap during the race. It’s a more unpredictable bet, as even an underperforming driver can pull off a single fast lap.

🏆 Pole Position

This bet is placed on which driver will qualify first for the race. The driver who starts the race from the front (pole position) has a statistical advantage.

🏆 Constructor’s Championship

This bet is on which team will accumulate the most points over the season. It’s a long-term bet that requires knowledge of both the drivers and the cars.

🏆 Driver’s Championship

Similar to the Constructor’s Championship, this bet is on which driver will accumulate the most points over the season. It’s another long-term bet that requires following the season closely.

F1 Live Streaming and Live Betting

F1 has come a long way from the traditional forms of betting. These days, bettors can engage the live betting and live streaming features for a real-time F1 experience. Here’s what bettors should know about them.

🖥️ Live Streaming

Formula 1 races are a spectacle that Tanzanian fans can watch from home. Various platforms offer live-streaming services for F1 races. Examples include Hulu, Amazon Prime and Cable TV also provide live streaming services for F1 races.

⚡ Live Betting

The live bet is a unique feature that allows punters to place bets on ongoing F1 races happening. Bettors can thus make split-second decisions based on live occurrences in an F1 race. Many bookmakers offer live betting options for Formula 1 races. This allows fans to engage more with the sport and potentially win based on their predictions.

F1 History

Formula One is a leading car racing tournament. The competition hosts open-wheel single-seater racing cars. It is popularly called F1 (for short). The “formula” in the name denotes that the cars have unique rules and criteria they must align with. F1 began in 1950 and has been on ever since.

Tanzanians like other nationals love sports and F1 is one of their choice sports. There has been a steady rise in the attention and followers of Formula One within the Eastern African nation. It is now more common to see fans cluster in groups to watch races and discuss on F1 trends. The availability of live streaming has obviously contributed to this sporadic growth of Formula One sports betting in Tanzania.

F1 Stats and Records

Formula 1 is a sport steeped in history. Countless records have been set and broken over the decades. Here are some of the most notable F1 stats and records.

Most Successful Teams

A few teams stand out for their exceptional performance and consistent success. Our F1 betting review highlights the most successful teams below.

  1. Scuderia Ferrari – 16 Constructors’ Championships, 15 Driver titles.
  2. Williams – 9 Constructors’ Championships, 7 Driver titles.
  3. McLaren – 8 Constructors’ Championships, 12 Driver titles.
  4. Mercedes – 8 Constructors’ Championships, 9 Driver titles.
  5. Lotus – 7 Constructors’ Championships, 6 Driver titles.
  6. Red Bull – 5 Constructors’ Championships, 6 Driver titles

Most Successful Drivers

Formula 1 has seen some of the world’s greatest drivers grace its circuits. Here are some of the most successful.

🥇 Lewis Hamilton

The British driver has 7 World Championships to his name. He shares this record with our next racer, Michael Schumacher. Hamilton however edges Schumacher slightly due to having most pole positions.

🥇 Michael Schumacher

The German legend also boasts 7 World Championships. Schumacher dominated the sport in the early 2000s with Ferrari.

🥇 Juan Manuel Fangio

The Argentinian driver was active in the 1950s. He set an early record of 5 World Championships back in the day.

🥇 Sebastian Vettel

The mercurial Vettel dominated the F1 scene between 2010 to 2013. His brilliant stint helped him to 4 consecutive World Championships.

🥇 Alain Prost

The French driver, nicknamed ‘The Professor’ for his tactical approach. He won 4 World Championships.


Whilst history cannot be rewritten, there is ample time and opportunity for new names to etch their names into history.


This section of our review addresses common questions about F1 betting. Find answers to these questions below.

❓ Who won the last F1 championship?

Max Verstappen won the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. The outstanding driver did this while representing Red Bull. This victory marked the second time he claimed gold on the World Championship podium.

❓ How often does the F1 take place?

The Formula 1 season takes place annually. It begins in March and ends in November. The 2023 season comprises 23 races.

❓ Can I bet on F1?

Yes, you can bet on F1. Many online sports betting sites offer a variety of betting markets for Formula 1. Markets include race winner, pole position, fastest lap, and Constructors’ Championship winner, among others.

❓ Who is most likely to win this year’s F1 championship?

There are several contenders every year and picking a racer to triumph is always a daunting task. Notwithstanding, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc seem leading prospects for the gong this time. In the end, these are only speculations and the race could well turn out differently.

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