African Football League Betting Guide for Tanzania Bettors

The very first edition of the CAF AFL just kicked off in 2023. But, did you know that you can already get in on the African football league betting as a Tanzanian bettor? Here’s a comprehensive guide to walk you through how to start sports betting on this annual prestigious continental football club competition.

African Football League Betting Sites

Bettors in Tanzania can enjoy access to a wide range of betting sites for African football league betting. Each betting site offers its own share of possible offers for the AFL. Here are some of the top Tanzania betting site options;

African Football League Betting


Betway lets you place various bets on any AFL match. Through Betway, you can place winner, over/under, handicap, and correct score bets, among others.


Parimatch offers exciting betting opportunities for the CAF AFL. You can place different betting options on any football match in the tournament. You can place pre-match bets based on the provided odds. Alternatively, you can place live bets during the matches.

Other betting sites that may offer betting opportunities for the AFL competitions in Tanzania are 888Bet, Gal Sports Betting, and Premier Bet.

African Football League 2023 schedule

The CAF African Football League is expected to kick off in October 2023 with 8 participating teams. The 8 teams start the quarter-finals with the winning four proceeding to the semi-finals and the remaining two winners contend for the final prize.

In the AFL 2023 competitions, participating teams include;

Group 1

  • Al Ahly (Egypt)
  • Wydad AC (Morocco)
  • Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa)
  • Esperance de Tunis (Tunisia)

Group 2

  • Atletico Petroleos de Luanda (Angola)
  • TP Mazembe (DRC)
  • Enyimba FC (Nigeria)
  • Simba FC (Tanzania)

At the start of the competition, teams in Group 1 are expected to face off with teams in Group 2 with a first and second leg face off. The winner to progress to the semi-finals is determined on aggregate.

Here’s a schedule of the AFL matches;

Quarter Finals

Team Group 1Team Group 21st Leg Match2nd Leg Match
Simba FCAl Ahly20th October 202324th October
TP MazembeEsperance de Tunis22nd October 202326th October
Enyimba FCWydad AC22nd October 202326th October
Atletico Petroleos de LuandaMamelodi Sundowns20th October 202324th October


Team Group 1Team Group 21st Leg Match2nd Leg Match
Winner 1Winner 129th October 20231st November 2023
Winner 2Winner 229th October 20231st November 2023


Team Group 1Team Group 21st Leg Match2nd Leg Match
Winner 1Winner 15th November 202311th November 2023

African Football League Betting Odds

Different betting sites offer a range of African Football League betting odds. To check the latest upcoming match betting odds, you should visit your favorite bookmaker sites in Tanzania and compare the best odds.

African Football League Betting Markets

Like other football leagues, the African Football League comes with a range of interesting betting market options. Betting markets are simply a type of bet with odds related to it. The type of bet you choose simply dictates the specificity of your prediction and outcomes. In football, it simply means that you are betting on a specific outcome of the game. Here are the primary betting markets any bettor in Tanzania can explore through their bookmaker;

🏆 Match Outcome

Also known as fixed odds bets, match outcome is among the easiest betting markets to choose from and simplest to research. It comes in two types, i.e. Match Results or Match Score.

The Match Results bet has three outcomes to bet on, i.e. win, draw, or loss. On the other hand, the Match Score lets you predict the match scores. Punters can easily research the team and game history and compare the odds to easily decide on their stake.

🏆 Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet is a bet placed on a game’s outcome – simply put, which team will win in a match. In a moneyline bet, the odds adjust based on the team or play’s ability. This means the amount you win or lose based on your wage varies. Moneyline bets can be done in several ways. Here are examples;

🏆 Handicap

A handicap or spread is another popular betting market. This type of wager balances the chances of teams or players winning a specific event. For instance, in a handicap bet, Simba FC may have a +1 while Al Ahly has a -1. So, by the end of the game, if the total score is 0-0, a handicap wager on Simba wins, meaning Simba wins in this bet.


Also known as total bets are bets on the total number of goals scored in a match. This can be a higher or lower value than the quoted one. In this type of betting market, the winner is not really important. Instead, a punter simply puts their wager on the total number of goals in the match (both teams combined).

For instance, a bookmaker can set a value of 3.25 or 3.75. You can then place your outcome of choice, like over 3.25 goals. This means that half of your bet is placed over 3 while the remaining is placed on over 2.5. If the match ends at 3, you lose half the bet while keeping the other half. If it settles on 4, you win the entire bet.

🏆 Accumulator

Accumulator bets or acca, are a popular betting market.This betting market combines bets from multiple games. An accumulator bet can be anywhere from four to as many as 20 selections.

African Football League Betting Tips

There are several tips when betting on AFL games. Here are interesting AFL tournament betting tips;

📈 Start Small

The most important thing to remember when betting on football games is to always start small. Betting small comes with plenty of advantages. The first one is that you can spread your wagers since you have multiple stakes. Starting small also allows you to gauge the game and decide on whether to add more wages or not as the game proceeds.

⚽ Understand the Teams Involved

Try to do prior research on the teams involved in the game to get a better understanding of their play and players. This makes it much easier to make informed decisions when placing wagers. You can even look at the odds betting sites have on the contending team to get an idea of their capabilities.

🏅 Choose Simple Betting Markets

Depending on your experiences, simpler betting markets are always better. You can also conduct minimal research and use the small information you have to confidently place wagers on such markets. These include match-out bets and handicap bets, to name a few.

💡 Bet with your Head and Not the Heart

Sure, you are from Tanzania and you love your national team. However, if the research and odds don’t work in your favour, it’s always a good idea to protect your stake. Always place bets with objectivity and adequate information on hand.

Similarly, if you’ve already lost money on your wages, don’t bet sporadically to try and recover your money. Chances are that you will end up losing even more.

How to Bet on the African Football League?

Betting on the African Football League is pretty simple once you get the steps in mind. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Decide on a football betting site that offers AFL betting options.

  2. Login to your account or register for an account (if you don’t have one), choose the payment method and deposit money you will use for wagers.

  3. Go to the Sports section of your account dashboard, choose football, and the African Football League option as the league or competition option.

  4. Pick the match or matches you wish to bet on the AFL list, choose your betting markets and odds, decide on the wager amount, place your bets, and wait for the results.

African Football League Live Streaming

With the current African Football League happening, you can enjoy a live streaming of every match in Tanzania. Select local broadcasting channels and online channels offer live streaming of AFL matches.

African Football League Results

While the African Football League was launched in 2022, the very first tournament runs from October to November 2023. Therefore, 2023 is the first time football fans will get results and the first-ever champion of the African Football League tournament.

African Football League History

The African Football League is Africa’s newest football tournament intended to search for the annual champion of the continent’s football league. Initially termed the Super League, this tournament is organised by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

The league intends to bring in hefty revenue to finance football infrastructural development and promote football across the continent. The tournament was first designed to host 24 elite teams from different countries in Africa; however, the number has been scaled down to just 8.

This year’s first tournament kicks off in October to November 2023 with matches played in home and away stadiums and final scores determined on aggregate.

African Football League Betting FAQ

❓ How do teams qualify for the African Football League?

Teams that qualify for the African Football League are selected through a draw method. First, elite teams from across Africa are selected and then, a bracket is decided after the draw for the tournament’s knockout stage. For the 2023 African Football League, the draw took place in September at the CAF headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

❓ Are there any promotions or bonuses for AFL betting?

You can always check your betting site of choice to see if there are any special AFL betting promotions or bonuses. It’s also worth noting that a variety of football betting sites usually have deposit bonuses after you create an account and deposit money for the first time.

❓ What types of bets are available for African Football League matches?

Most betting sites offer a variety of bets typically available to other football leagues for the African Football League Bets. You can choose pre-match betting or live betting – of these categories, you can go for a variety of types. These include match outcomes, handicaps, and even accumulator bets.

❓ Can I bet on African Football League matches using a mobile app?

You can certainly bet on the African Football League matches using a mobile app if the betting site you choose offers one. If you want to bet using a mobile app, cross-check with the betting site to ensure it has one before you place your bets.

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