Anytime Goalscorer Meaning in Betting

What is the anytime goalscorer meaning in betting? Well, it refers to the market in which you choose a player to score within 90 minutes of a match. In some anytime goalscorer rules, the extra time applies. The best betting sites offer this market in the ‘Goal’ market, and in this article, we will be exploring the anytime goalscorer meaning in betting.

What Is an Anytime Goalscorer in Betting?

If you want to bet on another market apart from the match-winner market, there is the anytime goalscorer market. The anytime goalscorer meaning is what the name implies that you bet on a player to score at any time during the match. This is different from the first-time goalscorer market, where you bet on the first goalscorer in the match.

Strikers, wingers and other attacking players have lower odds because they are most likely to score. But some midfielders also offer strong attacking options and turn up on the score sheet now and then.

Anytime Goalscorer Meaning

How to Place an Anytime Goalscorer Bet?

The first thing to know about placing the anytime goalscorer bet is that the market is found under the ‘Goals’ or ‘Goalscoring’ section of football events. Here is how to place an anytime goalscorer bet.

  1. Log into your account on the bookmaker’s website.

  2. Click on the football event you want to bet on.

  3. Click on ‘More’ and select the ‘Goals’ or ‘Goalscoring’ section.

  4. Find the anytime goalscorer market and make your predictions.

  5. Stake some money on your bet slip and click on ‘Bet’.

You should know that not every bookmaker offers the anytime goalscorer betting markets. However, we listed the few bookmakers who do so in Tanzania at the end of the article.

Anytime Goalscorer in Football

Anytime goalscorer can normally be found among football betting markets. For example, in a match between Manchester City and Liverpool, you can bet on Mohammed Salah, the Liverpool striker, to find the net. If he scores, your bet is successful, and if he doesn’t score, you lose your bet.

But you are not limited to betting on just one player to score in a match. You can bet on more than one player from either side to score. However, you have to do that in a single bet. But if you want to bet on multiple anytime goalscorers in different matches, then the accumulator bet is the best way to go about it.

Anytime Goalscorer in Other Sports

The anytime goalscorer market is only available in football. This is straightforward as most other sports do not count in goals but rather in points, sets, and other parameters. Also, it is harder to score in football than in basketball or rugby, making it an interesting market for football betting.

Anytime Goalscorer Rules

When it comes to the anytime goalscorer market, not every goal counts. Some rules determine how to win the anytime goalscorer market. These rules may differ on the bookmaker you bet on, so read the terms and conditions on the site.

The first is that one’s own goals don’t count. So if the player you’ve backed scores an own goal, the market is still on. The second is that if the player you backed doesn’t play, the bet is voided, and you get your stake back.

But if they come on, even as a late substitute, they have to score, or the bet is lost. Finally, one controversial rule is adding injury time as part of the eligible time. While some bookmakers allow injury time, others don’t. So remember to check the rules before placing a bet.

What Is No Goalscorer?

In the goalscorer section, there is no goalscorer market. This is in addition to the popular first goalscorer and then the anytime goalscorer. The no goalscorer market has two predictions, Yes and No. The ‘Yes’ prediction is that there will be no goalscorer in the match, so the match must end in a 0-0 score for your bet to be successful.

But there is an exception. In a match where an own goal is scored still stands as 0-0 in the no goalscorer market, as own goals are not counted in the goalscorer market.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Strategy

Like every other betting market, betting strategies help place anytime goalscorer bets successfully. Even though these strategies don’t guarantee success, they increase the chances of correctly predicting who will score in a match. Here are some of our anytime goalscorer betting strategies.

Focus on Strikers

Anybody in a team can be on the scoresheet. But on average, the team’s main striker will have a goal or two in most matches. This means you stand a better chance of placing a successful anytime goalscorer bet when you focus on strikers.

Even though the odds on strikers will be short, they are still valuable. Some midfielders can be prolific goalscorers also, like Tottenham’s Son Heung-min or Kevin De Bruyne in Manchester City. These are good options, as they are a dangerous threat in front of the goal and will have higher odds than strikers.

Check the Defensive Stats of the Teams

If a team is poor defensively, selecting the most prolific of the opposition strikers makes sense. Also, the defensive stats will help understand the route of goals for the attacking team.

If a team concedes a lot of penalties, choosing the attacking player who is also on penalty duty for the team as your anytime goalscorer bet makes sense.

Research on the Head to Head

The head-to-head record of teams can give you an insight into who will be on the scoresheet. Some attackers are a menace on some teams, think Harry Kane against Arsenal in the North London Derby or Divock Origi against Everton in the Merseyside derby.

They always show up to score a goal. So when picking your anytime goalscorer predictions, these players are your best bet.

Find out the Formation and Style of Play of the Match

While most teams have a major style of play, they can switch it up when playing with a stronger opponent. And that change in formation can change the possible goal-scoring routes they are used to. For example, a team that always played with a lone striker upfront can change to a rotating front three.

Likewise, a team that relies on breaking down the defence can now change to defending and playing a counterattack. You can find out this information by following the pre match conference, and if possible, you can use the information to place live bets.

Pay Attention to the Tournament or League

Some players do better in some tournaments than others. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for scoring in the Champions League, especially in the knockout stages. On the other hand, Messi is prolific in El Classico, and Salah almost always scores in Premier League matches.

While there is no scientific evidence for it, some players always perform above the average in certain competitions. So these players should be your favourites when betting on the anytime goalscorer markets in those competitions.

Bet Live

When you wait until the match starts to place the anytime goalscorer bets, you will be better informed on who is most likely to score. So betting live will improve your chances of making the best bet in the anytime goalscorer market.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Anytime Goalscorer Betting?

There are several advantages of betting in the anytime goalscorer markets. The major advantage of the anytime goalscorer market is that the player you pick to score has 90 minutes to make the bet successful. This is unlike the first goalscorer market, in which only the first goalscorer of the match is acknowledged.

The second advantage is that the match’s outcome doesn’t affect your bet. So a prolific striker like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lewandoski may score in a match, and even if their team loses, your bet is successful. Another advantage in this market is that if the player doesn’t play, then your stake is refunded.

There are some disadvantages. The bet may be terminated even before the end of the match. You lose your bet if the player is injured, subbed off, or sent off early. There are different rules concerning the anytime goalscorer market. So you need to be aware of the rules of the bookmaker you bet on the anytime goalscorer market.

Where Can I Bet on Anytime Goalscorer?

The anytime goalscorer market is not available on every bookmaker. While you may see the first goalscorer of the match on almost every bookmaker due to its popularity, the anytime goalscorer is not so.

As we come to the end of this article on anytime goalscorer meaning, we have researched and drawn up a list of the best betting sites in Tanzania where you can place anytime goalscorer bets. Below are the betting sites for the anytime goalscorer predictions.

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