Tanzania Premier League Predictions 2024

The Tanzania Premier League season kicks off around August and September time every year and plays through until June/July. This is following the FIFA calendar. Known as the Liga Kuu Bara in Swahili, it is a conventional double round-robin format, with the 16 teams all playing each other home and away.

Many of the clubs play in Dar es Salaam, but the whole country is represented and there are teams from all over Tanzania. The top teams every season qualify for the CAF Champions League and Confederations Cup, while the bottom two are relegated.

With that in mind, let’s check this year’s Tanzania Premier League Predictions. 

Favourites to Win

Yanga (otherwise known as Young Africans) and Simba are the two big teams in the country and are always included when there is talk of who will win the Tanzania Premier League. Since the National League started in 1965, those two have won the vast majority of championships. Yanga’s triumph last season put them in the lead as the all-time most successful club in Tanzania. They have 23 titles to Simba’s 22.

There are other clubs, such as Mbeya City, Coastal Union and Kagera Sugar, that will always be included in the push for the title. But Yanga and Simba are the two to really watch in the Liga Kuu Bara.

When it comes to Tanzania Premier League predictions, those two big Dar es Salaam clubs (Young Africans and Simba) should be considered. This is also the case when you are betting on goals and other football markets.

Tanzania Premier League Predictions

Tanzania Premier League Betting Tips

You should always do your research and search out tips before making your Tanzania Premier League predictions. If you are betting on this league you should familiarise yourself with the clubs and top players, to give yourself a better chance of being successful. But there are also a number of more general factors to consider when it comes to football betting.

Checking your history is always a good idea when it comes to Tanzania Premier League predictions. We have already mentioned that Young Africans and Simba are traditionally the strongest teams in the league. So you should probably concentrate a lot of your football betting on those two and their odds.

But looking back over past seasons can help betting on other clubs too. If Mbeya City are playing Coastal Union, or Kagera Sugar, for example, you should look at the head-to-head records. Although recent form is probably the most important, it is useful to look back over previous seasons to see if there are any trends you can use.

πŸ‘₯ Team Line-Ups

Always get the latest information before making your Tanzania Premier League predictions. You should be up to date with all the team and injury news. If a star player has suddenly come down with an injury, that is vital knowledge that you need to find out. Even a team like Yanga or Simba can lose to a lower side if they are missing their best players.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Form of Individual Players and Teams

Before you start placing your football bets on this league, you should make sure you know all about the players. This includes the supposedly less important, or squad, players. Because they can be just as important in the outcome of a match.

Take a look at the form of the teams involved in your bet and see how their results have gone in the last month or so. That is the best indicator of whether they are playing well or not.

What Should You Avoid When You are Betting on the Tanzania Premier League?

As well as doing your research and preparing for making Tanzania Premier League predictions, you should also remember to avoid doing certain things. You don’t want to rush into betting on football because the consequence will usually be a losing wager.

Here are some of the things you should remember not to do when betting on the Tanzania Premier League.

πŸ“Š Not Researching Your Bets

We have already mentioned this. But it is so important that it is good to repeat it as a mantra. You should always do your homework when it comes to any football betting – and that includes this league.

If you do not know all the available facts, you will be placing uninformed bets. You might as well be throwing away your money, as you are not basing your Tanzania Premier League predictions in fact.

πŸ“‰ Loss Chasing

This is probably an even more important factor to avoid when it comes to betting on football. Loss chasing is when you are on a streak of unsuccessful bets – and your response is to bet even more to cover all your losses.

This is not the way to deal with losing bets. Everyone goes through less successful periods when it comes to betting. You should only bet an amount that you can afford to lose. If you have not won for a while it might be a better idea to take a break. Do some more research and get back betting when you are better informed.

πŸ… Only Choosing Low Odds Bets

This is not as important as the other two factors we have mentioned. But it is something to consider when it comes to betting on the Liga Kuu Bara. There will be some betting markets that only offer very low odds, because there is a very strong likelihood that it will be successful.

Obviously you have a better chance of winning these bets, but the winning returns will be smaller. This doesn’t mean that you should only bet on long shots with higher odds. But try to find a good balance with your betting, to make sure you are getting some healthy pay outs at least.

Where Can You Bet on the Tanzania Premier League?

The good news is that there are plenty of places to make your Tanzania Premier League predictions. Most betting sites cover the big European leagues and tournaments but there are a number of sites that also offer markets on the Liga Kuu Bara.

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Tanzania Premier League Predictions FAQs

When is the Next Tanzania Premier League?

The current 2022-23 Tanzania Premier League season is well underway. It will run to about June or July.

Who are the Tanzania Premier League favourites?

The favourites to win the Tanzania Premier League every season are Yanga or Simba. They are by far the most successful two clubs in the history of the league. For an outsider bet, teams like Azam, Geita Gold or even Kagera Sugar might be considered.

How many teams are in the Tanzania Premier League?

The 2022-23 Tanzania Premier League consists of 16 teams, with two automatically relegated at the end of the season – and another two having to take part in a relegation play off.

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