FA Cup Betting 2023

FA Cup betting has become much more exciting in recent times than some other European championships, in some cases even overshadowing the Premier League. The 2022/23 FA Cup gathers a total of 732 from across England in an elimination-style tournament.

The finals is set to be held at Wembley, on 3 June 2023, with Liverpool being the defending champion. While clubs like Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur tend to play secondary units in this competition, there are others like Arsenal, Chelsea, or Leicester City that could go full force.


Top Tips for Successful FA Cup Betting

For successful online sports betting, punters should have in mind all kinds of pre-game tips. There are all kinds of things that one has to have in mind in order to make correct FA Cup predictions. So, to be better at FA Cup betting, one should have the following trends in mind.

Following trends is always a good idea. So a wise punter will study the situation from last year and determine some past trends. Some teams have the ambition of winning this trophy as a consolidation if they are not able to capture the Premier League title.

Liverpool won last year. But since they were out of the title race, they decided to concentrate on winning the FA Cup. This year, Man United is one of the favourites. They want to get back into the limelight by winning some trophies.

βœ… Team Lineups

The FA Cup is a chance for managers to rest up their first-team players and promote some younger prospects. A lot of teams decide to shuffle things up when it comes to the FA Cup games. They usually go with a second unit to compete.

However, this doesn’t always prove to be a good idea. Lesser teams are able to take advantage of the shuffle in the lineup and eliminate a favourite. Knowing the changes in the lineups is an important tactic when it comes to FA Cup betting, especially when one wants to bet on a dark horse.

βœ… Form of Individual Players or Teams

Knowing where a player’s head is could be important for a tournament-style format. Some players are highly motivated when it comes to this type of competition and thrive in it.

Also, if a team is in great form, they could transfer the success to the Cup competition. Punters should take advantage of the form of both players and teams and should keep an eye out for this trend.

βœ… Home Advantage

Home advantage may be much more important in the FA Cup than it is in the Premier League. In a two-leg matchup, a team with more motivation at home will easily be able to eliminate a much stronger team.

Knowing how well a certain team plays at home gives a specific perspective to a player. Allowing them to place surprising types of bets, especially if a team is very dominant at home.

FA Cup Betting

Top Bookmakers for Betting on the FA Cup

When looking for a suitable operator for your FA Cup betting pleasure, users need to have a variety of things in mind. Actually, there are a lot of betting sites allowing users to wager on this competition, so it can be a bit confusing to determine which one to go with.

For instance, Betway and 22bet are operators that have really good betting odds when it comes to the FA Cup. Even though others have a decent set of odds, these two greatly jump off the page.

Live streaming is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Premier Bet and Gal Sport Betting are sites that could enable users to both bet on the given games and allow you to watch them.

On the other hand, if you are in search of an interesting welcome bonus offer, the one at 10bet or even Parimatch is a good one to start. Some users may prefer free bets, while others are in line for deposit match offers. But either way, the majority of the operators that allow FA Cup betting in Tanzania could give a nice offer.

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Premier Bet

Types of Bet

Even though the offered betting markets for the FA Cup are similar to other competitions, there are some that may be unique to this one. A tournament-style competition on its own allows users to incorporate different types of bets compared to the ones that they usually have.

πŸ… 1X2 Betting

The most common type of FA Cup betting is 1X2 betting, or simply wagering on the outcome of a single match. This is something that is known to both novice and veteran players. It does not require too much thought, but it can be interesting if employed correctly.

πŸ… Over/Under on Goals

Wagering on the number of goals is an excellent alternative if you are dealing with a close game. Sometimes, the two teams involved in a match are too close to each other, meaning that wagering on the outcome of the match is much harder. But predicting the number of goals becomes much easier at that point.

πŸ… First Half/Full Match Betting

Sometimes, it is a far better idea to bet on the first half of the match instead of the entire contest. You can decide whether to choose the outcome of one half or combine both halves into one and increase the overall odds.

πŸ… Team to Advance

Wagering on the team to advance is something that is unique to a tournament system and FA Cup betting. In this case, the two teams play two games against one another, home and away. The better in these matchups continue forward, and players are able to make that kind of bet as well.

FA Cup Live Streaming and Live Betting

Certain operators will allow users to bet live and also watch the games. If you are fed up with the regular and traditional way of pre-match betting, in-play betting can be a good alternative. In this case, users place bets while the game is still running. There are some unique types of bets available then, and it can all depend on the situation on the field.

On the other hand, some brands allow customers the opportunity to watch FA Cup games. Users should check the streaming schedule and view whether a game that they are interested in is streamed. They can then follow the streaming guidelines and watch the match while playing a pre-match bet or wagering on the game live.

FA Cup History

The FA Cup, also known as the Football Association Challenge Cup, is one of the oldest national football competitions in the world. It was first played during the 1871/72 season. It represents one of the most important trophies that English clubs have in their trophy cabinet.

At the same time, it is the most numerous club competition in England, gathering teams from Level 9 of the English Football League system and up. A total of more than 700 clubs participate from the start. The final is traditionally played at Wembley, England’s national stadium.

Since 2015, the competition is also called the Emirates FA Cup due to sponsorship reasons. Nevertheless, the Football Association of England is the one that organises and oversees the competition.

FA Cup Stats and Records

When it comes to FA Cup Betting, one has to know some information about the background of the competition. Sometimes, the best betting tips come from knowing the history of the tournament as well as some stats that could be of great importance.

πŸ† Most Successful Teams

When viewing an individual team’s success, Arsenal is by far the most successful club in the FA Cup. The Gunners have won the tournament 14 times and made a total of 21 appearances. The last time they won the cup was in 2020, when they defeated Chelsea by 2:1.

On the other hand, Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers are the only two teams that have won the competition three times in a row.

πŸ† The Unluckiest Clubs

The likes of Queen’s Park Rangers, Birmingham City, Crystal Palace, and Watford have all appeared in the FA Cup finals two times. But have never managed to win it. Watford is the most recent club out of the four, as they played in the 2019 FA Cup final and lost against Man City by 6:0.

Chelse is the only club that made three consecutive appearances in the final but lost all three of them.

πŸ† Top Goalscorers

Being the top scorer in a tournament format competition is much harder than being the best goal-getter in the league. Yet, there are a few players that became legendary for their goal-scoring efforts in the FA Cup.

Henry Cursham

Henry Cursham may not be known in contemporary circles so much, but he is currently the all-time FA Cup goalscorer. Cursham played during the 1870s and, during that period, scored 49 goals in 44 appearances. He did so by appearing for Notts County, Corinthian, and Grantham Town.

Ian Rush

The legendary Ian Rush is viewed as the top goalscorer in the modern history of the FA Cup. He played during the 80s and 90s and appeared for Newcastle and Liverpool in the FA Cup. During that period, Rush scored 40 goals in 66 games, making him second on the all-time FA Cup goalscorers list.

Frank Lampard

The former Chelsea captain and manager, Frank Lapmard, has gone down in history as one of the most prolific midfielders of the Premier League. At the same time, he is the third-highest-scoring player in the FA Cup. While playing for West Ham United and Chelsea, Frank bagged 27 goals in 68 games.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer is still the all-time Premier League scorer. But at the same time, he is the fourth-best when it comes to the FA Cup. The former England captain scored 23 times in just 44 appearances. He managed this feat by appearing for two clubs, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

FA Cup Betting Conclusion

Betting on the FA Cup brings an entirely different joy compared to wagering on league matches. Players from Tanzania will be thrilled that there are so many online betting sites that allow players to do it.

FA Cup Betting FAQ

For a few more pieces of information about the tournament, check the answers below.

❓ When and where is the FA Cup tournament taking place?

The FA Cup is an annual tournament. This edition started on 5 November 2022 and will end with the final at Wembley on 3 June 2023.

❓ Who won the last FA Cup?

Liverpool won the 2021/22 FA Cup iteration.

❓ How often does the FA Cup take place?

The FA Cup is an annual competition.

❓ Can I bet on the FA Cup?

Yes, you can. Users can find various ways to bet on the FA Cup using many betting sites available in Tanzania.

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